Welcome to Mickey’s Bar! Mickey is matchfixing the horse races. Your underworld boss is giving you the assignment to find out which horse is going to win the next race. Discover the secrets of The Pub en bet on the right horse! The Pub is suited for larger teams up to 8 players! Price is €85,- like the rest of the rooms, up to 5 persons. You pay 17 euro’s for every extra person up to 8 max.


Meet Don Radione, a true pater familias who got interrupted during his evening game of poker and had to flee the room. Can you steal the poker bet from the room before the Don returns?




A soldier living in our building moved to another place, leaving all his stuff behind, including a ticking bomb. Can you defuse the bomb within the hour and save our building?



The O.R.

Ever wanted to play doctor? Secret agent Karovich got seriously hurt during his mission. He is brought to the hospital by his komrad and is now waiting for you on the table for his new organs. Use your medical skills, implant the organs and save the mission! The OR is built for the escape room enthousiasts who are ready for a little bit more challenge. This room is more difficult than the other ones.




The lab room is our old Radium factory is not so human friendly as you would expect. Last year Dr. Zlotti discovered 5 radioactive fluids here, which he wants to use on the factory workers. The fluids are carefully hidden in the lab. Find them all before Dr. Zlotti catches you.




Old grandpa was a business man in his younger years. During his travels all over the world he did some nasty stuff. Can you find out what he was up to?




Next to Room Escape Maastricht we are also proud owner of Room Escape Heerlen. Here we have built 2 identical “Koempel” rooms. No more excuses about who had the easier room, battle against each other for the ultimate Escapist title! Click here for the website of Room Escape Heerlen.