You and your team enter the room. *Bang! The door closes behind you. On the wall there’s a clock, it starts counting down.. from 60 minutes to zero..

Let’s play a little game.. The assignment is very simple, escape the room within the hour.

Use your knowledge, problem solving tactics, team management and clear thinking to solve puzzles and riddles and find hidden clues. Only by working together as a team you will be able to gather all the hints and escape the room in time.

Room Escape Maastricht has 6 rooms available. All with their own theme and story. Forget the world around you and only focus on one goal: get the ${9363606aa12c11f6d90c4accca9183c078e301f6b8105dd40f4e78b6f6a5bd24}#@ out of here!

This real-life escape game will gives you the thrills, but luckily you’re not alone.. your teammates and you have to stay calm together, relying on your shared knowledge to work with the clues.

Perfectly suitable as a team-building game, bachelor parties, or with family and friends.

The rooms contain a minimum of English written/spoken text. Suitable for players from all countries.