Play an escape room as company outing? We kindly welcome you! Our capacity is one of the largest in The Netherlands. Per round we can let up to 37 persons play, divided over our 6 rooms.

Next to that we have a nice bar with hot & cold drinks, wine and beer, and enough space for you to sit. If the weither is nice we open the terrace outside where you can drink and chat afterwards. Dinner can be catered. We have good contacts with local foodtrucks that can cook for you on our own terrain.

We offer more games for your teambuilding and entertainment: Graffiti workshops, archery tag, real-life Where is Waldo, LEGO Challenge.. have a look at

Our latest addition is The Brickroom. A room like Lego Masters, completely full of bricks and accessories. Our Brickmaster has various Lego challenges ready for you that you must try to complete alone or as a team within the given time. The challenges are tailor-made for adults and respond to teamwork, consultation, communication and resourcefulness. You don’t have to be a die hard fan of Lego to survive here, the charm of Lego is that everyone can handle it in their own way. See

Roulation programs are possible, with teams divided between the different games.

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Teambuilding + Meetings

We have a separate meeting room / reception space available (+/- 70 m2), with 50 seats. You can rent it if you would like to have a team meeting or reception. Combine it with our group activities and catering and your company outing is complete! See

Evaluate your experience with a team coach

We noticed that after a room has been played the teammates have a lot to discuss about what happened in the last hour. Imagine playing this stressful, but fun game with your colleagues, who all have different personalities. There is the perfectionist, the autist, the chaotic person.. you have colleagues that talk a lot and colleagues that stay quiet.. All these personalities will show once you are locked up in the room together.
We will make camera footage of you playing the game, and afterwards our coach (a Work and organisational psychologist) will review the footage with you and discuss with you how all your personalities together make a good team. This does not only count as one of the best team buildings there is, but it’s also a lot of fun to do. Success guaranteed.

For both the application tool and coaching experience we tailor our offers to your needs. Please contact us for an offer that suits you.